My name is Kyle.  I was born and raised in California.  My father was a welder and DIYer and taught me many things about home repairs and fixin' stuff growing up.  When I was older, I got a job working for a property management company that took care of a handful of Condo HOAs in the Los Angeles area. We repaired anything and everything that went wrong at the properties and I absolutely loved it!  I learned a ton and (usually) had a blast!  

After getting an Associates Degree in California, I decided to go to school at UVU for graphic design.  I quickly realized the snow and cold were not meant for me, nor was sitting in an office all day on a computer.  I snagged the best looking girl up there, convinced her to marry me and we moved to St. George, UT.  


Since moving to St. George, I have worked for/with various contractors doing everything from framing to warehouse maintenance.  After working for a lighting company for awhile, I decided I needed to do home repair full time.  I started Thunderstruck Handyman LLC in 2017, and loved it!  After almost 4 years doing handyman work, I wanted to get into bigger remodels and away from smaller jobs.  After working with another handyman that I met on a Facebook Group, we decided to start a remodel company in 2021.  I love seeing the transformation of a room/house after a project is done and I love the look of joy on my customers' faces!